Diplomacy 2.0

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Diplomacy 2.0

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Als Kopie unser englischsprachiger Aufruf auf anderen Plattformen. Bei Interesse dürft ihr euch wie immer gerne beteiligen. ;)


Hello altogether,

AA and I, Al Wulf/wulfheart, currently the maintainers of diplomacy-network.com, the German web/vdiplomacy branch, are planning a redesign and a redevelopment of the aged webdiplomacy software including a rewriting of the old engine and a complete redesign. As we are both more experienced in development we are looking for some volunteers which would like to help us in the area of UI/UX-Design.
We'd like the redesign to have a more modern appearance and mobile sites to attract new users to that great game.

If you are interested or if you have further questions don't hesitate to leave us a message here.